• Shenzhen People's Hospital Won the Shenzhen "Talent Scout Prize" 2020

    Cheer for talents, and pay tribute to talents. 为人才喝彩,向人才致敬。On November 1st, Shenzhen ushered in the fourth "Talent Day". The Shenzhen Global Innovation Talent Forum was held in Wuzhou Guest House. Wang Weizhong, Deputy Secretary of CPC Guangzhou Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Chen Rugui, Deputy Secretary of CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Mayor of Shenzhen Municipality, Luo Wenzhi, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, Lin Jie, Chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, senior academicians and experts, talent ambassadors and high-level talent representatives in Shenzhen participated in the activities. At the forum, Wang Weizhong and Chen Rugui presented the Shenzhen "Talent Scout Prize" to 10 units including Shenzhen People's Hospital. 11月1日,深圳迎来第四个“人才日”,深圳全球创新人才论坛在五洲宾馆召开,广东省委副书记、深圳市委书记王伟中,深圳市委副书记、市长陈如桂,市人大常委会主任骆文智,市政协主席林洁以及在深院士专家、人才大使、高层次人才代表等参加活动。论坛上,王伟中和陈如桂为深圳市人民医院等10家单位颁发深圳市“人才伯乐奖”。In recent years, Shenzhen People's Hospital has taken the construction of high-level hospital as an opportunity and taken talents as the first resource for hospital development to explore a distinctive and effective talent introduction mode under the principle of "simultaneous introduction and training, coordinated development of clinical and scientific research". Through continuously optimizing the environment and policies for introducing talents and building a platform for talents, Shenzhen People's Hospital has successfully introduced a group of clinical personnel, scientific researchers and high-level innovation teams with excellent abilities, focusing on technological innovation and giving full play to the talent gathering effect. 近年来,深圳市人民医院以高水平医院建设为契机,将人才作为医院发展第一资源,在“引进与培养并举,临床与科研协调发展”的原则下,探索出具有特色且卓有成效的引才模式。通过不断优化引才环境和政策,为人才搭建平台,成功引进了一批能力出色的临床人员、科研人员以及高水平创新团队,聚焦技术创新,充分发挥人才聚集效应。Through the integrative development with colleges and universities, Shenzhen People's Hospital has opened up channels in the aspects of talent double employment, postgraduate training, scientific research cooperation and sharing, and has created a number of compound first-class medical talents. With the addition of these top medical talents, Shenzhen People's Hospital has reported a steady flow of news of victories in discipline construction and scientific research achievements, and has made a series of breakthroughs: 65 people were identified as high-level talents in Shenzhen, 5 people were awarded the title of Guangdong Outstanding Young Medical Talent, 10 departments of Shenzhen People's Hospital entered the Top 100 List of Chinese Hospital Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics in 2019, and 34 items were approved by the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2020...... At present, Shenzhen People's Hospital is speeding up the pace of broadening the channels of talent introduction, innovating the mechanism of talent introduction and training, and laying a solid foundation for building a medical talent highland that matches excellent enterprises such as Huawei, Tencent and DJI. 通过院校融合发展,深圳市人民医院在人才双聘、研究生培养、科研合作共享等方面开辟渠道,造就了一批复合型一流医学人才。随着这些顶尖医学人才的加入,市人民医院在学科建设、科研成果等方面捷报连连,获得了一系列突破:65人被认定为深圳市高层次人才,5人获评为广东省杰出青年医学人才,2019年中国医院科技量值排行榜市人民医院10个科室进入百强榜,2020年国家自然科学基金获批34项……目前,深圳市人民医院正加快步伐拓宽人才引进渠道,创新人才引进与培养机制,为打造与华为、腾讯、大疆等优秀企业相匹配的医界人才高地夯基垒台。
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